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Deep tissue massage

The numerous benefits of Deep tissue massage in relieving pain

The human body is made up several key elements such as muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments, tendons and tissues. The human body tissue is actually a group of cells that perform a particular function. There are millions of cells present in the human body and tissue describes the grouping of various cells according to particular organ and its function. There are four broad categories of tissue found in humans namely muscle tissue (for movement and muscle contraction), nervous tissue (carrying signals from brain and spinal cord to rest of the body) , connective tissue (holds the organs and other body parts in place) and epithelial tissue (found in the skin which covers the body).

What is Deep tissue massage?

The treatment and relieve from pain with help of massage has been carried out for ages and the massage therapy has only improved and progressed with time. Massage therapy is very much beneficial in relieving lower back pains, treating anxiety/stress and for people suffering from arthritis. Deep tissue massage is a name given to special type of massage that allows the body to heal on its own. It is called deep tissue as the massage reaches the deeper layers of bones, muscles, tendons and fascia (the layer that protects and surround the bones, joints and muscles). Studies have proven that pressure applied to deep tissues can decrease the heart rate and stress levels while relaxing the muscles.

How does deep tissue massage is beneficial:

The deep tissue massage is carried out be putting pressure and manipulating the deep tissue which includes fascia and other tissues that protect and surround the joints and muscles. Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but deep tissue massage is applied firmly and slowly. A person lays flat on his stomach in one particular position prior to the deep tissue massage. Then the massage therapist applies pressure with hands on the specific areas where muscles are constricted. The massage helps to release the taut muscles and helps in the release of hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin which relieves depression. While getting started a person may feel some pain and feel his muscles tense up as massage therapist applies pressure. A person may also be asked to breathe deeply. There are many techniques, some of the common methods include

  • Stripping: In this method deep pressure is applied with use of forearm, thumbs and elbow along the muscle fibers
  • Friction: This involves pressure across the muscles to release the stickiness or constriction of the muscles

Deep tissue massage can be used for:

Deep tissue massage can be used for wide variety of purposes such as

  • For problems and chronic pain in the lower back
  • To help recover patients from injuries such whiplash and falls
  • To release muscle fatigue and tension in the rhomboids, hamstrings and upper back
  • To treat tennis elbow, pain in the neck and sciatica
  • To improve the fitness of sports players and athletes
  • To ease the pain of older people suffering from osteoarthritis

According to many researches, deep tissue massage is more beneficial and helpful for patients suffering from osteoarthritis pain than any other alternate methods such as acupuncture, physical therapies, prescription drugs and exercises.

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