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Exercise Egoscue

The effective Egoscue Therapy to relieve chronic pain

Pain is a complex phenomenon that has both physical and emotional implications. Pain a sensation that effects every individual differently. A pain can range from a slight distress to mild ache to agonizing discomfort. The physical part of the pain stems from change in nerve stimuli. The pain can be a result of any injury a person endures or it can be caused by certain diseases and disorders. The pain is activates the nerve fibers which carries the pain impulses to the brain where brain take necessary actions. There are different types of pain which effects different part of the body such as bone, muscles and tissue. There are two main categories of pain according to the duration

  • Acute pain is a short term pain which usually goes away with couple of weeks
  • Chronic pain is long term pain which lasts for more than 6 to 12 weeks and causes a lot of discomfort to the person

There are several medications, treatments, therapies and techniques which are used to relieve the pain and stress a person goes thorough when he feels pain.

Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain is one of the common type of pain that is attributed to pain lasting for more than 12 weeks. Chronic pain may be caused by any injury during an accident or fall, a back sprain or any underlying reason such as deformity in bones which is a common factor in elderly people. There may be other factors that may influence the chronic pain such as muscle fatigue, lack of sleep and improper diet. Chronic pain causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort to a person as it limits the movement of the person. A person suffering from low back pain finds it difficult to sit, stand or even move his body.

The Egoscue Treatment:

Many people that suffer from acute or chronic pain tend to take numerous pain relieving medicines and drugs that ease the pain. But many people have allergic reactions to certain drugs and avoid taking drugs, many people also don not take drugs as it slows their body down and makes them a bit sluggish. People with chronic pains look for particular therapies that can reduce the pain, improve the bone and muscle function, and also allow a person to perform daily tasks more easily. Egoscue is a special type of therapy designed to remove the pain without a person taking any medicines or drugs. The Egoscue therapy is named after the person who discovered this form of bone and muscle relaxation. In 1978, Pete Egoscue focused his study on gentle stretches and exercises to align the musculoskeletal system of the human body. Pete Egoscue believed that the pain a person experiences is actually due to the misalignments of body components that is caused due to incorrect body posture.

How Egoscue Method works:

Chronic pains can be a result on an old injury, constant bruises during exercise and work or either sitting long hours in front of a desk or driving on long road trips. These activities cause the body to lose proper balance and alignment causing pain and lack of sleep. Egoscue method helps to assess the posture of a person and then make a person perform a series of exercises that can help him or her to regain the balance of the body and remove the pain. The Egoscue therapy is performed by trained therapist who work with clients and make them understand ways to improve their bodies. The clients learn how to identify the source of the pain and regain control of their physical movements. The therapist used specially designed software to analyze a person’s body and point out the source of pain. The therapist will then ask the client to perform a sequence of gentle activities which are called ‘E-cises’ and stretches that can help attain a correct posture. When these gentle stretches and exercises are repeated for couple of weeks, the body of a person becomes attuned to changes and work with a right posture. The Egoscue method is effectively used for

  • Back pains
  • Hip pains
  • Knee pains
  • Shoulder and elbow pains
  • Ankle pains

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