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Functional Medicine

The growing concept of Functional Medicine in medical treatment

There have been significant advancements in medical technologies and treatment to cure various ailments and pain. Human body is built on vast and complex network of nerves, muscles, bones and tissues. Every person wishes a safe and healthy living but falling sick is part of life too. People have to rely on taking medicines to cure them from either acute or chronic illnesses such as fever, flu, indigestion, back pains, neck strains and other different diseases. Both consuming medicines and undergoing surgeries are part of conventional methods of treatment. There are other categories too such as complementary, alternative and functional medicine.

The field of Functional Medicine:

As conventional medical treatment focus on curing particular organ or part of the body, functional medicine on the other hand focuses on identifying the root causes of the illness and sees the body as one complete system. Functional medicine is the future concept of medical treatment that is used to treat the whole bodily system just not curing the symptoms. The primary purpose of functional medicine is to pinpoint the underlying reason of the ailment by employing a technique that develops a therapeutic partnership between the patient and the practitioner. Functional medicine is mostly patient driven rather than conventional medicine which is disease driven. Functional medicine is based on the principle that a person’s body self regulates and heals on its own.

How functional medicine works:

The practitioner of functional medicine gather all the relevant information from the patients that includes their medical history, analyzing their interaction in the environment, examining other lifestyle factors which can impact the reasons for chronic disease. With time the number of people suffering from complexities of chronic illness such as heart disease, cancers is increasing. Functional medicine helps practitioners to learn the underlying cause of illness and then implementing the treatment according to the patient’s needs. The composition of each person’s gene is unique and different, functional medicine practitioners keep in mind the genetic makeup of the patient along with the functioning his internal organs and social and environmental factors which can influence either acute or chronic illness. Functional medicine is done by employing proper diet plan, exercising on regular basis, use of dietary supplements and therapeutic techniques to improve the efficiency of the bodily systems to reduce pain. The elaborate use and benefits of functional medicine include

  • Improving the digestive system
  • Elimination of harmful toxins form the body
  • Helping in cardiovascular functions
  • Providing strength to the musculoskeletal system
  • Improving the immune system of the person

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