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The growing trend and benefits of Planks Exercise A person can stay strong and healthy if he keeps himself involve in any physical activity such playing sports or exercise. Physical…

Exercise Egoscue

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The effective Egoscue Therapy to relieve chronic pain Pain is a complex phenomenon that has both physical and emotional implications. Pain a sensation that effects every individual differently. A pain…


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The Positive and Beneficial Effects of Yoga on Health   In the world of fitness, immediate indulgence and long-lasting alteration are equally important and this is where yoga is the…

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Detox safely at least a few times a year

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The Detox Diet: How Much Is Too Much? Let’s admit it – we all tend to indulge ourselves a bit too much with those heavy meals, rich desserts and cheesy…

Cupping craze, is it beneficial or not

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Cupping Therapy Quickly Becoming Popular For Its Healing Powers A form of alternative medicine, cupping has become a new “trend” amongst those looking for a natural treatment for different ailments….

Benefits of Being Outdoors

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The need to exercise; Benefits of walking, hiking and Qigong Human body is made up of numerous bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints that provide support and movement abilities, and…