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The cause of Sleep Apnea and its solutions

A good night’s sleep is very much indispensable part of maintaining a healthy and prosperous living. Sleeping and resting for a while is as necessary for a human body as eating to consume energy and exercising to stay fit. Where good sleep can result in more active, energetic person with less risk of illness, lack of sleep can cause major health issues and problems for a person. A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep and rest is must for people of all ages. Below are some of the factors which makes sleeping beneficial

  • People with good rest and sleep are healthier whereas lack of sleep is major cause for obesity which further leads to several health problems such as diabetes and heart problems.
  • Good sleep makes the brain function more efficiently, lack of sleep will result in lack of concentration and effect performance
  • A good night sleep considerably lessens the risk of chronic illness such as strokes and heart attacks.
  • Sleeping also helps in growth on bones and keeps the muscles strong, as bones and muscles are constantly in motion during the day and need some time to relax
  • One of the major reason for stress and depression is lack of sleep or not having proper sleep.
  • Lack of sleep also effects the cognitive and social abilities of a person. A person who sleeps well is happier and socialize well with people.

Sleep Apnea:

Sleeping is a natural phenomenon and there is no way a human can go about his life without having proper rest. The importance of sleep is already established with the above facts but there are certain sleeping disorders which occurs or develops in some individuals. Doctors and psychologists have extensively researched the benefits of sleeping properly and linked lack of sleep with change in physiological conditions such as metabolic system, immune system and nervous system. They may be other reasons which may interfere with sleep such as having backaches, muscle strains or a person suffering from arthritis. Sleep apnea is one of the major sleeping disorder which happens when breathing of a person is disrupted during sleep. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that can not only effect normal sleeping pattern but can cause other health issues too. Loud snoring every day is one sign that the person is suffering from sleep apnea.

Types of Sleep apnea:

As discussed sleep apnea is common disorder that happens when a person’s sleep is interrupted for a few minutes while he is asleep. A person may not probably feel the short pauses in breathing while he is asleep but the signs are evident when a person feels lethargic in the day and is unable to concentrate properly. There are three types of sleep apnea, namely

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: This is the most common type which occurs when the soft tissue in the throat relaxes and blocks in the airway which leads to short pauses in regular breathing and a person starts to snore loudly.
  • Central sleep apnea: This type is not very common and it usually happens when brain fails to signal the muscles which controls breathing. In this type snoring in people is not that likely.
  • Complex sleep apnea: This is not any particular type as it is the combination of the previous two types

Symptoms and Treatments of sleep apnea:

Sleeping quietly without any interruptions will only lead to a healthy living. Sleep apnea can cause numerous health and social concerns. The symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, losing focus and falling asleep during the day, experiencing headaches and muscle pains. A person tends to feel irritable, feel his reflexes get slow and he may be overly stressed due to work and lack of sleep which can result in depression. It is advisable to consult a professional doctor if a person experiences any of the sleep apnea symptoms continuously. The treatment of sleep apnea depends on the type of sleep apnea and the underlying reason that is causing sleep apnea. Few options for treatment include breathing devices, implants, surgery and use of continuous positive airflow pressure (CPAP) which is mask like device that helps in breathing with constant flow of air in the breathing passage.

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