A certified Chiropractor with a passion for promoting health and wellness through her and practice, Dr. MaryAnn Woods-Osifo, BSc, BSAnat, BSHW, DC. is a health enthusiasts who pursued her passion for a lifestyle focused towards wellness by specializing in this particular field, coupled with multiple degree in Bachelors of Science, Bachelors Of Science in Anatomy along with Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness. “Dr. O” called fondly by her patients, she has dedicated her professional life towards helping and guiding patients live the optimal wellness lifestyle through smarter and more informed lifestyle changes.

Passionate about professional athletes and helping them to achieve optimal performance in diverse sports has led Dr. Osifo to volunteer for many organizations including the FC Dallas Soccer Team for recovery sessions for the team along with local community involvement events alongside working with many youth sports leagues in her community.

Dr. Osifo believes in serving her community with passion and hopes to encourage families to live and adapt a lifestyle for wellness. It is this belief that has led to her growing interest in the human anatomical functioning. In order to ensure that people with chronic back and neck pain receive the proper care, she created the Dr. O cervical and lumbar support pillows that provide support and strengthen as well as improve the overall posture in the long run leading to overall better health. Designed ergonomically to support and restore the cervical curvature and lumbar curvature to help alleviate neck and back pains.

On a personal front, Dr. Osifo is a mother, daughter, wife and an aunt who is passionate about the nutritional aspect of health and its role in equipping people to better handle the stress of daily life. She enjoys spending time with her family and creating precious memories, spending time in the kitchen preparing healthy, nutritious and delicious food for her family. Apart from that, she is a free spirit, who enjoys travelling, hiking and running at the same time, sharing her experiences with her patients and followers through her, in which she shares personal stories, lifestyle choices and how she ensures a lifestyle that is based on wellness choices.

It is her belief, that though at times the struggle to live the optimal way is real, but together it can create a community of wellness. It is this particular belief of hers that she decided to create this platform to establish a dedicated space for her and those wanting guidance on such a lifestyle. Here, Dr. Osifo will be seen sharing and articles related to health and natural remedies along with key tips for DIY health and nutrition. That’s not all though – through this site, you will be able to directly purchase the specially designed pillows by Dr. Osifo as well have direct access to different resources, recipes and books so that you too can pursue a lifestyle geared towards wellness.